01 June 2007

DaNoWriMo Starts Today!

Yes, today is the official launch of Dan's Novel Writing Month (DaNoWriMo), in which I will spend 30 days neglecting sleep, drinking coffee excessively and writing the third book in the Boomer Sisters series. The idea is to have the story finished early this year, so I'll have time to edit & polish it and Mandy will have time to get the illustrations done - all in time for Christmas. Yes, the past two books were also ready for Christmas, but this year it'll be the illustrated version under the tree.

The working title is The Boomer Sisters In The City. It's a book about art, beauty, practice and patience. Much of the action will take place in NY City, and the timeline stretches from August through December. The climax occurs on Christmas. I'm very, very excited (and curious to see how it comes out. These things always surprise me).

I started chapter 1 this morning - and already I've deviated a little from my plot outline. I need to average 1/2 a chapter a day to get through the expected 13-15 chapters... so far, so good.

Ironically, I couldn't wait for National Novel Writing Month (November) to write the book about patience.

(easter egg alert: watch for references to Guns 'n Roses throughout...)


Kim said...

Hey, good luck and enjoy this whirlwind month ahead. :)

I have some pictures of New York city at Christmas time. Do you want me to send them to you, or are you all set with inspiration? What the pictures don't really show is how COLD it was.

Michelle said...

Best of luck with the latest addition to the series. I'm kicking myself back in gear, but I'm doing edits on the last NaNo product so I can be ready for the next round this November.

That's all I remember about NY at Christmas. It was cold and crowded. But I imagine it would be much different from a child's set of eyes.

Oh, and love the red shoe. :)

Deb said...

Will be anxious to have my copy under the tree ~ signed to THREE instead of one!! :)

Dan said...

Thanks everyone - glad the shoe is a hit!

(I love how many comments I get about my shoes - airports, grocery stores, church, etc - everyone loves 'em).