03 June 2007

B3 Progress update

I'd sort of forgotten how many decisions go into writing a novel. Wow - I have to decide every little thing. I don't know how perfectionists do it without going crazy (or maybe they do go crazy!).

For example, I'm at a point now where Chapter 2 could be finished. It's a good length, a good stopping point... I could call it done and move on to chapter 3. But there are a few more things I wanted to say & do before the chapter ends... but maybe they're not really crucial? Or maybe they are. Just call me Hamlet.

So, I don't know - and I'm the one who gets to (has to) decide. The cool thing is, it's my story and I can't really decide wrong, but boy, it sure is a lot of decisions... kind of like playing chess against yourself, and you have to keep thinking of the future implications of decisions you make now.

If I say this now, will I write myself into a corner later? Will it contribute to the story or detract? There's only one way to find out... keep writing!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I can't wait to read the finished product - and it sounds like you can't either. :)