18 June 2007

The Fairytale Project

I have a new writing project on my mind. It's a fairytale... or, rather, a series of fairy tales. Three in all, and I figure they'll fit together nicely into a single book.

I know, I know, Boomer Sisters #3 isn't finished yet, so it's a bit crazy to be thinking about the next project, but I just can't help myself. It's actually something I've been thinking about for a long time now, and the idea is (finally) starting to really take shape. The three stories are titled The Helper In The Sun, The Moon Friend, and The Invisible Giants. The first two are related, and the third is completely independent. I started writing the last one a year or two ago. Same with the first one, come to think of it. The Moon story? Haven't written anything on it yet. But I think they're going to be a lot of fun to do.

I re-read George MacDonald's amazing fairy tale The Golden Key yesterday, and it's just the most perfect story ever. Really got me inspired (and I'll try not to copy it word for word...).

So... I don't know when I'll start this one in earnest, but not until B3 is finished. But I will write these stories. Oh yes, I will. And I've already started sketching out the framework...

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Kim said...

I found my copy of The Princess and the Goblin in Mom and Dad's attic yesterday. I can't wait to re-read that, and then read more of his stuff. Do you have The Princess and Curdie? If so, can I borrow it?

There's something so great about fairy tales and I look forward to yours!