06 June 2007

Sleeping, Laughing, Not Writing

I apparently failed to turn my alarm clock on last night, and instead of getting up at 5 to write the next chapter of the Boomer Sisters, I unintentionally slept in until 6am. Darn!

The cool part is that I woke up laughing - how often does that happen? Steve Martin was in my dream, and he was holding some sort of sandwich that was a combination of food from KFC, a donut, maybe Subway, and a few other places. It was supposed to be the ultimate "food mashup" - a whole day's supply in one handy package, and it had a hilarious name (which I can no longer recall). Kim was still sleeping, of course, and I tried not to shake the bed too much with my laughing. What a cool way to wake up.

Fortunately, the book is already ahead of schedule, so I've got a little buffer for exactly this sort of situation. Maybe I'll be able to get some writing done over lunch...

1 comment:

Kim said...

Woah, slept in til 6 huh? You're just a wild and crazy guy!