31 May 2007

Radical Elements update

Every once in a while, I think it's time to put the Radical Elements project to bed. I think it might be dated, or not intellectually mature, etc, etc.

And then I get an opportunity to share it with an audience, and those thougths go away.

Just finished presenting it to a room of AFROTC cadets, here at Rome for the summer. I had a blast, and they seemed to enjoy it as well.

I guess I'll keep it around a little longer.


Gabe Mounce said...

What? Are you kidding? You should never put it to bed. It really is a masterpiece. And it doesn't like to stay in bed. And what group was this? I think I have a good guess.

Dan said...

Yup - it was the ACE crew. I'll be sure to keep doing the Radical schtick for the forseeable future... Thanks, Gabe!