20 June 2007

B3 excerpt

Here's a brief excerpt from "The Boomer Sisters In The City," my current work-in-progress. It is set in NYC, and the main themes are patience and art. The Uncle David character in this scene is a television news reporter (loosely based on my brother-in-law)

“It’s show time!” Uncle David said with a fierce grin. He adjusted his brightly-colored fedora and someone handed him a microphone. Then he stepped in front of the camera, with his back to the workers.

“I’m here at the corner of Chesterton and Lewis Street, where a cleanup crew from the Urban Graffiti Law Enforcement bureau, or UGLE, is about to go to work. The mural behind me was begun in 1991, and has been maintained and updated by the neighborhood residents ever since. Despite attempts by local community leaders to have the mural declared a protected landmark, the UGLE team has determined that it is graffiti and ought to be erased.”

BJ and Jekka held each others hands tight, wincing as the men in gray took their rollers and put huge swaths of white paint over the beautiful dancers. Jekka couldn’t bring herself to take a picture of that.

“Mr. Keith Ott, the UGLE director, has launched an UGLE war against what he calls art crime. The wave of mysterious graffiti across the city which began with the phrase ‘soon it will be’ has now expanded to include paintings of white horses, blue flowers and, most recently, diamond rings, leading some to speculate that a certain cereal-box leprechaun is behind it all.” David laughed at his own joke. “But regardless of who is responsible, Mr Ott and his UGLE team have made it their mission to protect the citizens of this fine city from any criminal decorations.”

Tears were flowing freely down BJ’s cheeks now, as she watched the dancers disappear under the merciless white paint. Jekka whimpered, but neither girl could look away. Somehow, they felt it was important to be here and watch the mural’s last moments, as if they were keeping the dancers company or holding the hand of a dying person.


Deb said...

OHHHHH.....I can't wait till Christmas Morning!!! :) Thanks for sharing that blurb......
Happy rest of your writing!

Michelle said...

Oh, I love excerpts! Ok, gotta get on the ball so I have something later this week to post.

UGLE team . . . hehe, I love it.

Dan said...

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!