15 July 2007

What's this Blog About?

I've been thinking about some of the common threads that run through the eclectic series of topics on this blog, and figured I'd post a few thoughts.

I write about my books a lot.
I write about my life a little.

I write about cool technologies, the joys and pains of being a writer, distributist economics, emerging Christianity, Bill Richardson's politics, rogue program management, post-modern philosophy, poetry, digital-age marketing and intellectual property issues.

Every once in a while, I post a funny picture of a cat or two.

And I think the common thread through almost all of it is "post-modernism" (except maybe the cats). I guess I'm just a post-mod kind of guy, and even the eclecticness of this collection is a post-mod kind of thing to do. A Modern blogger, in contrast, would have a single topic ( such as Intellectual Property Rights And How To Defend Them!) and very few deviations, for which he would offer either an apology, a well justified reason, or both.

But not me. I'm too busy looking for the next form of cat-based internet humor to stick to a single topic.


Carol, Fred and Dan said...

When a writer says they spend their time about writing about being a writer I think....boring!

The Dan Ward said...

I agree! In fact, I made that very point in my first book...

I'm not sure if you've read my more recent blog posts (this one is 18 months old), but I hope you don't find them too boring. If you do, no need to keep reading, right?

And I think you'll find I don't write about writing very much. I do mention my books and articles when they come out or hit an interesting milestone, and every once in a while I'll talk about what it's like to write this stuff, but by and large I avoid writing about writing.