26 June 2007

Fun with Lulu!

I finally got around to ordering some clean copies of my own books. Until now, I only had my "author's review draft" for most of them, which were full of typo's, corrections, notes in the margins, etc.

But now I've got a good, readable, updated copy of The Desert, The Radical Elements, The Best of Rogue Project Leader and - most excitingly - The Simplicity Cycle.

Actually, this is the first hardcopy of The Simplicity Cycle I've ordered. I have to say, it looks gorgeous (imnsho). I'm quite proud of it, and at $8.99 (plus shipping) it's a real bargain. Of course, the free PDF version is even more of a bargain, but there's something special about holding an actual book in your hands.


Lisa said...

Hey Dan, I just downloaded the pdf of The Simplicity Cycle. I do however agree that holding a "book" in your hand and reading something "offline" is a treat.

Dan said...

Thanks, Lisa! I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!