25 June 2007

Fun With Blogs...

Recently, I went back through the archives of several of my favorite blogs, to read the first post for each one. Most of these first posts said something along the lines of "Hey, I started a blog!" or "Please be patient - I'm still trying to figure this blog thing out," or simply "Test."

But the coolest first post was Andy Nulman's, which started with the following lines:

Hello and thanks for coming. Chances are that if you're reading this, you are backtracking to see how this whole thing got started, 'cuz during the first couple months of posting, I think NASA's Mars Rover saw more traffic than I did.

That was a cool surprise, and totally cracked me up.

So... if you've got a moment and a few spare mouseclicks, you might want to click the archive link on your favorite blog or two, and see what people were blogging about when they first started posting...

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