15 June 2007

Stories on Ginkworld

Well this is cool.

I submitted three stories from The Desert to Ginkworld, and hey - there they are!

There aren't any comments or ratings on any of them yet - for that matter, I'm guessing nobody has read them yet either (although one of them shows 39 "views," but I'm not sure what that means exactly).

So... I'd love it if a few of you would check them out and leave a comment or two. The stories are all short (very short), but I think they're cool, and people say they are funny.

If you've got a moment and a few spare mouse clicks...


Gabe Mounce said...

I like the Silly Hat Press.

Michelle said...

Had trouble logging in to comment on "The Dessert," since Firefox is acting squirrelly this morning. Loved it. Ice cream sandwiches for all!