03 January 2006

New Year's Resolutions

My resolutions include the following:
  1. Don't hit the ground running. Ease back into work after the holiday.
  2. Write. Write a lot. Write a ton. Specifically, 10 poems, 1 novel, 7 issues of RogueProjectLeader.com, 6+ articles for Defense AT&L, 1 theology book, and 1 screenplay
  3. Get my PM Level 2 certification.
  4. Get accepted to the AFOSR-sponsored Screenwriting course at the American Film Institute.
  5. Eat more oatmeal.
  6. Expand PBL.

Surely there are more, and I could go on about things like spending time with family, but for now I'll just focus on the new, the unusual and the expanded... 'cause spending time with family is far to important to leave as a breakable resolution - it's a daily commitment.

What's on your list?

Pages & Pages of Christmas Loot!

Got lots to read for Christmas - 1500+ pages of GK Chesterton's writings, plus 780 of Teddy Roosevelt's books. For some reason, those two guys strike me as rather similar, and not just because they were both large, wore glasses and mustaches and inhabited the early part of the 1900's...

I'm really looking forward to reading TR's stories about the Rough Riders & his history of how the American west was settled... and GKC's wide ranging stuff, including his account of trips to America and the Holy Land (not on the same trip, naturally). Gotta to some traveling so I'll have time to read...