25 April 2006

"See" With Your Tongue

In the "sensory augmentation" category, the award for coolest innovation goes to: the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition.

Researchers there are working on ways to route signals from infrared/night-vision goggles, sonar, cameras and other types of sensors directly to the brains of Navy SEALs and Army Rangers - through a "Brain Port" that uses a narrow strip of plastic attached to a person's tongue. They are doing some actual testing now, and the end result could include things like 360 degree "vision" (at night!).

Weird, cool, and fascinating.

14 April 2006

Weird Clouds

Recently came across a collection of photos of the strangest looking clouds I've ever seen. They're called Mammatus clouds, and I'm sure Kevin could explain them. I just can't believe these are actual photographs, and thought you might enjoy them...

13 April 2006

Getting Creativer

I was checking out one of my favorite blogs, The Creative Generalist, and came across a posting titled "Avoid Best Practices." The main point there was basically that the so-called best practices are, by definition, not original... and originality matters.

That posting was actually quoting from another article from a webzine called Strategy Magazine... and in addition to recommending that people avoid best practices, that article also quoted Picasso's comment "Never borrow. Steal."

Are those two concepts contradictory? No - I think they're the same basic concept. In both cases, they advocate authentic self expression. They are talking about owning stuff (whether it's your own originality or something you stole from someone). And here I am, "stealing" from two blogs and a dead artist, to make my own point about creativity.

I think it was TS Elliot who said "Talent imitates. Genius steals." I hope you won't be content with mere imitation...