25 June 2007

B3 Excerpt

Here's another little excerpt of my current Work-In-Progress: The Boomer Sisters In The City. It's from the end of the first chapter. The girls and their family are going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (the Met) on a hot summer day. I like the way this scene shows their personalities...

At first, BJ and Jekka were distracted by the artists and vendors who lined the sidewalk outside the Met, offering paintings and little sculptures for sale. Then, an unusual color caught BJ’s eye, and she gasped.

“Look!” She grabbed Jekka’s arm. “Someone painted all over the Met!”

Jekka looked up from a painting of a fairy eating french toast, and laughed out loud at the sight. The front of the Met was a wild artsplash of color. It looked like the work of a crazy giant with a dozen cans of spray paint and too much time on his hands. The building was covered with strange symbols, bubble-shaped letters, and pictures of people and animals neither girl recognized.

“It says ‘graffiti’ over there – is that the name of the person who did this?” Jekka asked.

No, kiddo,” Mr. Boomer answered. “Graffiti means writing or drawing on a wall, and this summer, the Met is doing a special exhibit all about graffiti art.”

“Oh, good,” said BJ with a sigh of relief. “I thought it was going to stay like this forever.”

“I wish it would,” Jekka replied. “I like this better.”

“Well, it is cool,” said BJ, tentatively, “But I think I like the building better the way it was.”

“Wait until you see the inside,” Nana added.

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Kim said...

Very cool! Can't wait to read the rest! Love the fairy eating french toast. :)

I've passed along B2 to one of my coworkers who has a daughter about Beth's age and so far the reviews are two thumbs up!