19 July 2007

Dan Ward Online - Update

I added a few new things to my Dan Ward Online research page. Mostly just links to interviews and articles which have been mentioned here previously... but there are also a few new, never-before-seen bits, down at the bottom.

Check out Karl's Big Idea and Krog's New Weapon for a little light fiction (with a point). I wrote them with my buddies Gabe and Quaid a while ago, and finally got around to posting them somewhere.

If you're up for something a little meatier, you might enjoy my brand new essay "Distributism and Web 2.0." I just realized that's a terrible title - it's actually a pretty fun bit of writing...


Rebecca Leonard said...

Hey Dan,

Good to see you're still at it. Do you have any events coming up? We'll be at the Old Forge Author's fair. I have no idea what to expect. How'd you like the parade? That was a good day. Take care!

Gabe said...

Good article. I highly suggest the The Starfish and the Spider. It very much is a kissing cousin to the concept you explore there.