09 July 2007

New Article

It's been a while, but I finally had another article published in Defense AT&L - this time, co-authored by my buddy Gabe Mounce.

This one is about something called The Process Cycle (what is it about me and cycles?). It started out as a sketch Gabe and I did on a whiteboard, many moons ago. Anyone who read our earlier article about Heroics will see some common themes. Here's a little excerpt:

...the value of process over time is not constant. Specifically, in an effective organization, the degree to which a person relies on any given process or method should decrease over time. When there’s no such change, the result is frustration and inefficiencies; and in a bureaucratic, ineffective organization, the reliance on process either stays constant or even increases. That’s bad!

And my film-noir-spoof story "Death By Bullets" will be in the Sept/Oct issue (yay!).

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Gabe said...

YEAH!!! How'd you get the news so early? I'm going to read it right now.