23 July 2007

Bottlecap Tripod

I recently heard about a "tripod" that uses bottlecap to connect a camera to a screw-top bottle - it comes from Japan, and costs about $10.

Then I found a DIY site that shows you how to make one for about $4.

There's so much about this concept that is just RIGHT. It's simple. It's inexpensive. It gets the job done. It's clever. It's portable. It's something you can make yourself (very distributist, I might add). It uses existing resources (or more accurately, re-uses them, as in Reduce-Reuse-Recycle).

I just might have to make one myself, just on principle... and I'm sure I'll use it a lot more than the large, heavy tripod I've got in my closet.


Michelle said...

Wow, I love that idea too! I was just complaining the other day about needing a tripod but refusing to pull out the big one in the back of the closet. I keep thinking you'd need a full bottle so it wouldn't tip over, but the one in the picture sure is empty. You'll have to let us know how it works.

Kim said...

Yeah, I think that my camera would topple over if it was on this bottle. I do have a little mini tripod that is awesome tho (and it was cheap!).

Dan said...

I assume you'd want to have some liquid (or sand?) in the bottle. And obviously this won't work for a big SLR camera. It's really intended for small digital cameras.

And it probably helps if the tripod screw hole is in the middle of the camera, as opposed to the side (as in the picture).