26 July 2007

Presidential Politics and the Web

I wasn't particularly impressed by the CNN/YouTube Democratic Debate the other night... It just didn't seem all that different from a town-hall style meeting (note to CNN: overhyping things is kinda dumb). I guess the idea of people submitting questions from far away doesn't strike me as all that innovative, even if the question is submitted online in the form of a video. Oooohhh - they submitted them online! Wow, I bet they were in full color too!

Anyway, Bill Richardson just sent me an email about his new Ask Bill feature. Here's a short excerpt from his note:

Today we've launched a new feature on our campaign site that we're calling "Ask Bill." I love answering questions, and I love talking directly to people, so that is exactly what "Ask Bill" will be -- direct questions, direct answers, directly to you.

You submit your questions through video, email or an online form -- whatever works for you. And I'll answer them on video -- clearly, honestly, and without any pundits cutting me off.

Now that is what this Web 2.0 / Cluetrain / "Join the discussion" internet thing is really about. Skip the middle man. Go directly to the Man Himself.

Even if I didn't already like Bill Richardson, I'd admire this move. In fact, I'd be glad to see all the other candidates follow suit. I bet they won't...


Gabe said...


I like him more and more. How crazy he is!

Lisa said...

I watched the CNN/YouTube Democratic thing as well. Here's why I was impressed... not so much with the technology of the thing but with the questions posed by America's young people. I thought most were thoughtful, thought provoking and it showed that these kids are tuned into current events AND active and interested in participating.