18 July 2007

Want to join in?

If you've got a blog or website and you want to help spread the word about The Simplicity Cycle, here's a little web button / banner you could use. Just right-click it, save it to your computer, then add it to your blog's sidebar (resized as necessary), with a link to the book: http://www.lulu.com/content/877467 (or to RoguePress: www.lulu.com/RoguePress)



Gabe said...

How did you make the graphic? I love these little web gems like buttons and banners and stuff. And I absolutely LOVE the fact that you no longer need to be a programming guru to do it. WEB 2.0 has allowed all kinds of generous programmers to make the engines for all the non-programmers. So now all you need is creativity and a eye for fun and your off.

Dan said...

Thanks, man. I used Microsoft's Picture It (but there are many othe similar bits of s/w). It is pretty cool how these things enable people to do this stuff.

I'm going to make up a few more buttons / banners / etc... more to come.