03 July 2007

Step In Time!

Had a great trip to NYC over the weekend - once all the excitement with the train was over. By the time I arrived, it was fairly smooth sailing.

We took the kiddos to see Mary Poppins on Broadway. What a cool show! I loved the chimney sweeps' dance in the movie, and the stage version did not disappoint ("Step in time! Step in time! Never need a reason, never need a rhyme...")

Mary Poppins floated around the stage, and even flew out over the audience at the end. Burt had a great scene where he walked up the wall, then across the ceiling, then back down the other wall... Sure, you could see the wires attached to his waist, but that was alright. It was still quite magical.

(I am SO not a city person. It was fun to stand in Time's Square and see all the people, but I can't imagine doing that on a regular basis.)

* Unrelated side note - for two mornings in a row now, it's been 48 degrees when I got up! It's July, right? Not that I'm complaining... I love cold weather. I'm just sort of amazed.

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