26 July 2007


When I think of Adam Sandler, for some reason I think of screwy, low-brow humor (in the best possible sense of the term), even though he's done sweet romantic comedies like 50 First Dates, which I really enjoyed.

Anyway, I recently rented Click, looking for a light, make-you-laugh comedy. I'm not very critical of movies - I tend to enjoy just about every movie I see, and I really enjoyed Click. I think Sandler is not only funny, he's surprisingly thoughtful. Christopher Walkin was pretty fantastic as Morty, the guy who gives Sandler the "universal remote." David Hasselhoff had some of the funniest moments on screen, and I didn't even recognize Rob Schneider at first, in costume as "Prince Habeeboo." But despite the impression I got from the previews I'd seen, Click wasn't just a light comedy. It definitely made me laugh, but it did more than that. It also made me want to spend more time with my kids.

Not that I needed much prodding! Even though I really enjoy my job, I make it a point to skip out of work early on a fairly regular basis, to go play with the little fairy princess-artists-munchkins who live in my house. I hope I do it often enough. Not because the work doesn't matter - but because family matters so much more. I also make it a point to take vacation days on a regular, random basis - in addition to the normal Christmas & summer breaks. I'm always amazed to hear of people who have 60 or 90 vacation days stored up... and even more amazed by the excuses they give for not taking a break.

So - it was a cool movie. It surprised me by providing more than just laughs, and it reminded me of what's really important. Maybe viewers with more sophistication than I have would call it cliche'd or have other critical comments, but I'm glad I saw it...

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Michelle said...

Just took the day off to spend with my girl. Even if I work freelance and there's no one to call in sick to, it still counts. Well worth it. That's what sick days are for.

Haven't seen that movie. We'll have to check it out.