05 March 2007

Tom Peters on a roll...

I read Tom Peters' blog every day. Lately, though, many of the posts have been from his blog partners, not from The Man himself. It makes a difference. They're all very good, smart, insightful, etc... but they're not Tom.

So, I was very happy to find a whole series of Tom's posts at his blog today. More entries in his unfortunately named "100 Ways To Succeed" series (I particularly liked #83 ) and a great commentary on decentralization.

I highly recommend taking a moment to check it out.


Steve Sherlock said...

Dan, it is encouraging to find that you have also noticed that the Tom Peters blog is more with posts by other than Tom. I wrote about that here:


suggesting that the Tom Peters blog really should be renamed "Tom Peters Company" blog.

ebook said...

Tom Peters is indeed a business expert, i like his works.

PS: some of his works you can download here: