08 March 2007


We had our first experience with arbitration last night - and we were really impressed with the arbitrator (arbitor?). He was patient, professional, helpful, focused and objective - and a volunteer. We started at 6:15 and finished up around 8:00.

I won't bore you all with the details of the case - it has to do with trying to get a refund of the tuition we paid for our daughter's pre-school after we pulled her out (all the teachers had left because they weren't being paid... and the rent wasn't being paid on the building... you get the picture).

Anyway, I think our case was pretty straightforward, and I think we'll win... but we won't know for another 30 days. We'll see...

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dad said...

Hi Dan: obviously we hope you win and you know we are on your side.....oh, and Happy Birthday, birthday boy! have a safe trip and see you tomorrow night.....Dad