20 March 2007

Sharia Update

This morning I received a note from Dr. Mohammad Omar Farooq, responding to a post from this past January, about Sharia Law and Young Muslims.

In that posting, I quoted an article by Dr. Farooq, and may have given the impression that these were his beliefs on the subject. As he explained in a very polite and nicely worded note,
the way it is presented in reference to me, it might give the impression that those might be my thoughts. Instead, those are taken from a collection of excerpts from various writers about Shariah, about which I have a rather different view.

He also passed along a link to "a more nuanced, scholarly writing on this topic: "Shari'ah, Laws and Islam: Legalism vs. Value-orientation." I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but I will.

So, please accept my apologies if I gave anyone the wrong impression. Check out the article link to learn more.

Dr. Farooq sounds like a really cool guy, and I'd love to have lunch with him sometime.

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