13 March 2007

Hammering Hammer (recap)

My old webzine RogueProjectLeader.com has been on hiatus for a while now, and I don't have any plans to re-start it anytime soon (I'm having too much fun doing other projects). However, all the RPL content is still available online, and I'm going to periodically post little excerpts from past articles here. We'll start with one of my favorites, from the very first issue (ah, they're all favorites, aren't they?).

This was titled Hammering Hammer: A Critical Analysis of Dr. Michael Hammer’s Process Enterprise. Here's a brief excerpt:

Dr. Hammer writes "process work is... predictable." It would be generous to describe the "process is predictable" statement as circular reasoning, and more accurate to call it misleading. The problem is, the assumption asserts something where there is nothing. Specifically, it proposes the existence of predictability in an inherently chaotic system.

Process work, by its nature, is of course predictable and repeatable. That is what process means, so to say a process is predictable is essentially redundant. What is not clear is the unexplained, unproven and unjustified assumption that work itself is always predictable or should always be so. We must ask how a framework based on predictability, populated entirely with careful plans which specify "exactly what work is to be done by whom, when and where" (pg 1), could possibly cope with the unexpected. It is a good thing process enterprises never encounter anything surprising!

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