24 September 2007

Welcome home!

My lovely wife just returned from 5 days at the Mothers of PreSchoolers (MOPS) convention in Orlando, FL. We try to make sure Kim gets a getaway like this a few times a year, and while the MOPS convention isn't exactly a vacation (she's a Council Coordinator, so she had work to do at the convention), it's a nice change of pace from normal life.

Naturally, both kids came down with colds while she was gone, so all three of us missed school ('cause I had to stay home with them). We had a good time anyway, but weren't able to go out and do some of the things I'd had planned. Oh well!

And the funniest thing happened when Kim got home. The kids were tucked in bed, Kim and I were talking, and all of a sudden I got very, very tired. Like, bone tired - out of nowhere. It was like my body was saying "OK, she's home now, so we can shut down." After 5 days of constant care for two sick kids, where I was on alert 24X7 (well, 24X5)... I guess I was more wound up than I thought, and now that Kim was back, all that tension could go away.

I know this is something that moms experience all the time (I've been known to have an occasional business trip of my own), but it was interesting to go through it first hand myself.

Oh, and now I have the kid's cold... :)


Mark said...

Did they at least get chocolate cake for breakfast?

Dan said...

No, but do chocolate chip waffles count? :)

Lisa said...

Hey Dan, It's really nice that you acknowledge this. I don't want to start a "women work harder then men" or a "men work harder then women" debate (I think we all work pretty darn hard) BUT... caring for two kids on your own is a challenge and man-oh-man it can make a person tired.

Being a single mom for the last four years I've sorta (keyword = sorta) become accustomed to this. Running a business and being a single mom is... Whoa! My two sons are terrific and supportive (I could brag and brag) but I've got to tell you....I'M EXHAUSTED!!

Thanks for sharing.