20 September 2007

The Joy of Saws

The front of our house was covered by a row of large cedar bushes. They blocked the front windows (and looked terrible from inside), so we decided to cut them down.

So I spent a good chunk of yesterday afternoon with a saw, cutting the bushes down. After spending most of the morning in front of the computer, it was great to go outside and do some sweaty, hard physical work. I really enjoyed doing it, in part because it was actually accomplishing something.

Some neighbors stopped by with an electric chainsaw, but fortunately I'd already cut down all but one of the bushes. To be polite (and out of curiosity), I used the chainsaw on the last bush. It was faster, yes, but not nearly as satisfying. It was noisy, and then the chain slipped off the gear as I was making the last cut (user error, I'm sure).

The guys who are installing our fence are going to haul away the brush and cut the stumps down (pretty sure they're going to use a chainsaw).

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Deb said...

What a difference cutting down some tree or bushes can make. We just had to get rid of a big tree in our front yard and it opens up the whole house now.