06 September 2007

New Mornings

Now that school has started for everyone (me and both kids), I'm getting used to the new morning schedule. I'm struck by how early I have to get up and how late my morning actually starts.

That is, I'm struck by how late *my* morning starts... I'm up by 5:30 (or a bit later), and after a quick shower, shave, etc, I go make sure B is up and dressed (by around 6:15)... J gets up a lot easier. Then it's time to get the kids dressed, fed, combed, make lunches, etc, and get out the door by 7 to put B on the bus... back inside for a quick look at email while J watches Mr. Rogers, and around 7:50 we head out to J's school... then I finally get to my own campus by 8:30, for a 9am class...

So there's a lot going on before I'm able to really start doing my stuff... Whew!

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