30 September 2007


Kate Messner is a wonderful writer who lives across the street from my folks. She just published Spitfire, a great little historical fiction book about a girl who disguises herself as a boy to fight in the Revolutionary War on Lake Champlain. I had the chance to read part of it this summer and it's remarkable (can't wait to get a copy and read the rest).

Interestingly, the Spitfire (one of Benedict Arnold's gunboats) has a little cameo in my book The Boomer Sisters Meet Champy. Small world! Small lake!

Do check out Kate's blog and read about the wonderful success she's having with her books... then pick up a copy of Spitfire. It's good stuff!


Kate Messner said...

Hi, Dan! Thanks for your kind words about SPITFIRE and for your good wishes on the signing. It was truly overwhelming. What a community we call home...

Take care!


Eileen said...

We were so fortunate to be able to go Kate's Book Signing at Borders yesterday...it was very awesome...I have never seen so many people in our Borders at one time! Way to go, Kate! We picked up copies of Spitfire for you, Dan...and also for Mark and Kim. hey Mark, if you are reading this, be sure to check out Kate's blog...do you remember Mrs Shimko from 2nd grade? She was signing books at the same time as Kate. She sure does remember YOU, very fondly! She autographed her 2 novels for you. She reminded me that you had a tooth knocked out on the playground...remember that?!

Gabe said...

Dan, this reminds (I know, random as always), but my wife recently picked up a book written by a 17 year old that's received national attention: "Swordbird"

Have you heard of it? You should check it out.