25 September 2007

Dan Ward's Day Off

I stayed home from school today, 'cause I was feeling sick. But first I got the kids off to school, 'cause they were feeling better. And once they were gone, I took a nap, then watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

What a great movie, and not just because of that snazzy sweater vest Ferris wears. It's a real touchstone film for my generation, and I think we all wanted to be Ferris (at least, I did). It was a perfect thing to watch on a stay-home-from-school sort of day.

I got a real kick out of seeing Ben Stein describe his scene (love those DVD extra's!) - apparently it was all improv'd, he'd never acted before, and to this day, he thinks his lecture about... anyone? anyone? the Depression... is actually interesting. He also commented that when he dies, the commentators won't talk about his 30 books or going to Yale Law, or writing a column for the WS Journal. Nope - they'll just say "Beuller... Beuller..." and that's alright with him.

It was a lot of fun to watch it again, both for the parts I remembered and the parts I'd forgotten. Of course, I would have much rather gone out to a fancy restaurant, caught a ball at a baseball game, looked at priceless works of art and then hopped up onto a parade float and sang some crazy songs, but unlike Ferris, I really was sick today.


Deb said...

Hoping you'll feel better soon ....

Kim said...

I remember where I was the first time that I saw this movie. We were visiting the Ryans in San Diego, and the parents all went out to eat and we stayed home and had pizza and watched Ferris Beuller. Do you remember that too?

Dan said...

Thanks you two. I do remember that trip to San Diego, but don't recall watching the movie... Funny what sticks in our memories, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I love that movie. I re-watched it recently, too, and it is actually a good film. Nothing like the teenie-bopper movies of the current teen-angst generation... I was just looking at this movie's status on Facebook ("Flixster"), and 88% of people said they weren't interested in seeing it at all! These kids need a talking to.

When I moved to Chicago about ten years ago, I watched FBDO and realized they actually could not easily have pulled off that day in one day, they were all over the place. But, it's still great.

Glad you're feeling better, now I have to do some work.

Gabe said...

I like that movie. I remember not liking it so much when I was younger, but as I get older waching it gives me a sense of nostalgia for the '80s. Crazy, and I never thought I would get to this point, but it seems so reminiscent of the good ole days.