05 September 2007

Rediscovering Mr. Rogers


My 4 year old has recently started watching Mr. Rogers in the mornings. She talks about him being her neighbor, etc. The other afternoon, we were talking about Mr. Rogers and she said "He told me he was going to have some new ideas for me." (from the ending song).

I've been able to watch it with her lately too, which is great. I'm struck by how good and relevant and engaging the show still is. I've also noticed that Mr. Rogers had an interesting physicality - he often looks sort of awkward... child-like, even. The way he handles materials and objects, the way he interacts with his world - I wonder if that's just the way he was naturally, or if he was intentionally moving around the way a kid moves.

Anyway, it's a heck of a show. If you haven't watched it lately, I recommend checking it out, for old time's sake.


Deb said...

I have been a Mr. Rogers fan for as long as I can remember ~ I love to watch it with Christopher!

By the way, do you remember Captin Kangaroo?

Steve Sherlock said...

Captain Kangaroo and Mr Green Jeans! now there was a show... ah the memories are stirring!

Mr Rogers modeled the respect we all need to share with one another very well. The wonders of TV archives can let some of his shows live on.


dad said...

Hi Dan: nice comments on Jenna and Mr Rogers..... but, did you know that 'a long time ago' that Mr. Rogers was ex-military, and was a crack Navy Seal? The story goes that after he left the military, he never wanted to kill again, and became a Pacifist and an ordained Presbytarian Minister.... plus, he had military tatoos on his arms.... that's why all those years that he had his popular tv children's program, even in the hot summer, he always wore long sleeve shirts and sweaters - and never showed his bare arms...... and that's the rest of that story..... Dad

Kim said...

Nice trivia, Dad! I never knew that.