23 September 2007

Very cool music

I've always been a fan of obscure, alternative music (back when "alternative" meant outside the mainstream). So I was thrilled to find WYSO's radio show Excursions. They play a remarkably eclectic variety of really good music I've never heard before, along with some stuff I'm familiar with...

One of the bands I've recently discovered is The Real Tuesday Weld, described as "oddball electronica meets Tin Pan Alley." Check them out on MySpace, and don't miss the song Bathtime In Clerkenwell. Holy cow it's catchy, fun, stick-in-your-head kind of music (and my kids like it too, even though none of us can make out a single lyric - which I think is sort of the point).

Anyway, it's cool to find this music out here in Ohio, of all places.

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