19 April 2007

Two Photos

I recently had my picture taken by two professional photographers - one from a newspaper for the Boomer Sisters interview, and one here at work to accompany an official bio I had to submit for a conference I'm speaking at next month.

Guess which photo I liked better?

With the newspaper, the photographer took a million shots, chatted with me casually, had me try a bunch of different poses. We had fun, my smile was natural, and the end result was cool.

The official one, however, had me sit in a remarkably uncomfortable & unnatural pose ("sit there, let your hands hang at your side, sir. OK, point your chin that way, tilt your head the other way, hold it..." *flash*) . I'd post the photo here, but it's just not very good at all. It's not horrible, but it's just not good.

Maybe it's just a matter of opinion, but I think there's something objectively better about the newspaper photographer's approach.

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