20 April 2007

Peggy Noonan on Virginia Tech

Check out Peggy Noonan's column about the Virginia Tech shooting. I think it's insightful, informative and helpful - if only we'll listen.

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dad said...

Hi Dan: I've had a hard time recently keeping up with you and keeping up with your blog (which is excellent)..... I haven't been a big Peggy Noonan fan, but per your suggestion, I did read her column about the VT massacre and it's aftermath.... it was a well thought out and well written piece with common sense, and 'crtical thinking' type questions.... good job.....after the first 3 days, I was sort of tired of all the narcissistic 'media' hype, and chose to watch the Yankess vs Red Sox games ove the weekend (all exciting and entertaining games, even for this old Yankee fan to watch the Sox to win all 3 at Fenway....Sox have a great team this year and played well; I admire great teams who play well; makes life interestingt)if I turned the tv on at all...I hadn't turned the news on in 3 days and if I do want the news, I get it on the internet.... so, as usual, great job on your blog....proud of you, son......Dad