16 April 2007

Successful Book tour!

Had a great time doing a mini book tour in Plattsburgh & Burlington this past week.

The Boomer Sisters books are now for sale at the ECHO Lake Aquarium in Burlington, Rulf's Orchard and Under One Roof videos in Plattsburgh, along with Cornerstone Bookshop and the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts.

The books on display!

Another satisfied customer!


Deb said...

Hey Dan! That is really very super cool. I heard it went well from your mom and that she wished she could have been there too! Congrats on your first book signing!!

Michelle said...

Awesome! I bet that felt great, congrats! :)

dad said...

Hey Dan: congrats! and I was there to witness and see you in both places (Plattsburgh on Sat and Burlington on Friday).... you done good , son! Dad