18 April 2007

Love & Who We Are

I noticed something as I listened to people on the radio talk about the tragedy at Virginia Tech.

When they talk about the victims, and try to explain who they were, the descriptions almost inevitably focus on what they loved. It happened at a college, so of course every obituary starts with mentioning the person's major, but most of the discussion seems focused on what they enjoyed. He liked to work on machinery. She loved animals and loved to dance. He loved soccer, loved to coach his kids sports teams...

What we love is so central to who we are, to our identity and our legacy. The things we love help to define us. Who were the victims? They were people who loved... and that's part of what makes the killing so monstrous.

The shooting is, among other things, a reminder of how short life can be. Sorry if this question sounds shmaltzy, but have you done something you love lately?
(the drawing is by Hugh MacLeod, of Gaping Void fame)


Michelle said...

Good point. And you don't hear talk about what a killer loved. Maybe that's the defining line . . . who's capable of something so horrific and who isn't. Or maybe they just didn't show the world what it is they loved, so they had no one to share that love with.

I'm going to get off my butt today and rewrite a chapter.

Deb said...

I say life is just too short and you never know when your last day will be, so live each day as it's your last. Most important, take every chance you have to let those you love know how much they mean to you! Thoughts, prayers and love to the countless number of people dealing with the shootings at Tech.

Dan said...

Good luck with the rewrite, Michele!

Thanks for the comments, Deb. Big love to you! Tell your mom I say hi and hope she has a great visit!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan - please accept my deepest sympathy from this side of the pond to you folks at this tragic time. I am praying for all those involved.



Gabe Mounce said...

Man, what a good observation and conversation. From my end, sometimes you have to FIGHT to do the things you love, in spite of the overwhelming crunch on time......I guess, sometimes, we all have to fight to stave off those things that would keep us from doing the things we love.