20 April 2007

Cornell Lecture

I had a GREAT time speaking to some AFROTC cadets at Cornell University yesterday. They really seemed to resonate with my crazy "radical elements" ideas, and I even met a cadet who's an aspiring novelist, so we talked about Lulu and NaNoWriMo. Too fun!

I love talking with cadets - they're all so bright, high-energy, enthusiastic, etc. Afterwards we chatted about my Aristotle project, and it was clear they really *get* the importance, value and need for that kind of technology (it's sort of like MySpace for the Air Force)... unlike some of the more seasoned leaders & managers, who need a bit more convincing & cajoling. They really give me a lot of hope for the future. I just wanted to hug 'em all.

And speaking of MySpace - I haven't done much with it lately, but I do have a profile there. I mostly created it so I could learn stuff to apply to my Aristotle project, but you can see my profile at http://www.myspace.com/majorrogue. Maybe we could be friends! ;)

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