26 April 2007

A New Short Story

I just finished writing a (very) short story. It clocks in at 790 words - less than a page and a half. That puts it squarely in the "flash fiction" category. As for subject, it's a parody of a noir detective story - the title is "Death By Bullets."

It was a lot of fun to write, and i think it's pretty funny, but I'm not quite sure what to do with it. It would be perfect for Rogue Project Leader (RPL), if I was still doing that, but I don't have any plans to revitalize that webzine for the near future. RPL was cool, but writing books is so much more fun (and books last longer).

So - if you want to read my little flash-noir-satire, drop me an email (rpleditor -at- gmail.com) and I'll send it to you. I might post it somewhere, I might submit it to my usual magazine (Defense AT&L), or I might just offer it to people who read my blog.

(side note - since I'm not doing RPL anymore, my email address is sort of stupid now. I originally created that account just to keep track of RPL stuff, and it ended up being my primary address. Changing it now would be a drag, but let this be a lesson to you all. Pick an email address that will last you for a while!)


Deb said...

As one of your biggest fans, I'd love to read your latest!!

Trevor Gay said...

Hi Dan - I would love a copy and by the way send e-mail to my friend Brian Ward in Canada - he might have an idea about publishing your article on his new site ..let me know if you have Brian's e-mail address