28 February 2007

Malcom Gladwell strikes again

I'm finally getting around to reading Blink, by Malcom Gladwell (his 2005 follow-up to his smash The Tipping Point.)

It's fantastic.

Part of me wishes I'd read it sooner, but I think the timing is actually excellent. There's a lot in there that relates to some current projects. Any sooner might have been too soon...


Kim said...

It's all about syncronicity.

Gabe Mounce said...


Anyway, pretty cool book, huh? I thought it was kinda scary too. It's amazing to me what our brains might actually be able to do. And now having read Blink and A Whole New Mind...whoa! I'm thinking there's more to tap into here than most "professional/technical/beuracratic people realize.

Kim said...

You know, when a particular theme keeps popping up in different aspects of your life. Like wishing that you had read a book sooner but realizing that the timing now is excellent and relating to other projects. :) (Except I forgot the h, so it's really synchronicity.)

Mark said...


A connecting principle
Linked to the invisible
Almost imperceptible
Something inexpressible
Science insusceptible
Logic so inflexible
Causally connectable
Yet nothing is invincible

Hmmm... that could be a catchy tune... ;)

Kim said...

:) Cool.