09 February 2007

Future Horizons

I found fascinating website called Future Horizons, which sells, among other things, plans for building your very own hoverboard, jetpack and flying saucer

Under their "psionics" tab, they offer something called ELF Goggles (for Extremely Low Frequency). Here's how they describe it:

The unit electronically entrains your brain waves to match the frequency pattern generated within the stereo headphones while photonic stimulation is utilized with flashing lights inside the goggles to effect your optic nerve by pulsing at the same frequency pattern. This powerful combination of flashing lights and phase shifted sound causes your brainwaves to forcibly adjust to the new frequencies inducing altered states of awareness.

This unit allows you to reach deep meditative states in minutes that take Yoga masters a lifetime to achieve. Experiences include improved memory and comprehension, out-of-body feelings, spontaneous regressions, enhanced ESP and other paranormal sensations!

You can get your very own ELF Goggles, fully assembled and ready to use, for a mere $425 (or get the construction plans for $30 and build your own).

But my favorite is the Wishing Machine. Here's the description:

Imagine if you had 3 wishes. Well with this device, you have as many as you want. The equivilant of an electronic genie, it amplifies users brain waves to make your wishes literally come true! Be careful what you wish for.

As many wishes as I want? And only $390, fully assembled! That's amazing... I've gotta have it. :)


Anonymous said...

i know this website and i would like to order some devices BUT their email dont work anymore so how to contact them? PLease can you answer me? Thx

Anonymous said...

hi, I could not email them either but on some products like the wish machine it says at the bottom of the article 'more about this product' or something like that and then type in your email and they send you more info. also, the wish machine is called radionics.

Raymond Ebbeler said...

I have the schematic and I include that in the kit that you can order the plans