09 February 2007

Digital Text, Web 2.0 and You!

I followed a link from Seth Godin's blog (actually, I started at Andy Nulman's blog), and came across this beautiful little video by a professor in Kansas. It's all about text, hypertext, web 2.0 and what it all means.

It's very non-technical and viewer-friendly. Definitely worth spending a few minutes watching it, then a bit more time thinking about it...


John O'Leary said...

Dan, I just wanted to say thanks for your comments on the recent global warming debate on www.tompeters.com - "I'd also like to see a little more humility about the limits of our understanding, and a little more 'systems thinking' about the whole thing."

I'm thinking how applicable that is to so MANY global issues that are acrimoniously and self-righteously debated these days.

I see you're an ee cummings fan. "Anyone lived in a pretty how town" is probably my favorite poem of all time.

Andy Nulman said...

Dan, my wife is a tech educator and agrees with you that this is as good as it gets; almost perfect in execution and message delivery. On another note, thanks for starting with me. Most people I know finish with me... ;)


Dan said...

Start, finish, who cares as long as they stop by, right? :)

thanks for the note!

pujamad said...

Hi Dan,

Its interesting this video... throws up a lot for us to think about. And I'm happy that its spreading around in typical viral style!