23 February 2007

Metaphors for Life

Daniel Pink talks about the six senses that will be important for workers in the "Conceptual Age", the age that is dawning upon us as the information age wanes behind. One of those senses is Symphony or the ability to see the grand plan, the big picture, the overarching idea. One aspect of understanding Symphony is making Metaphors. Having read this, I've been more aware of the prevalence of Metaphors around me. Consider these gems from master philosopher Simon Cowell:

"You've got the personality of a Candle."

"That was like a Theme Park performance"

"That Song reminded me of Buttercups"

What? Is it just me or do any of these make sense?
Write Dan and let him know. Comment to Dan with your own Simon metaphors. Comment to me too. You should be able to link to my site via the sidebar. Simon's metaphors are metaphors for living! And don't you forget! (my website is Genuinely Dynamic Maverick)


Dan said...

Thanks for the post, Gabe! It's always a fun surprise to see that you've added something!

I'm in the middle of reading an amazing book titled "Metaphors We Live By," by George Lakoff [interesting side note: I'm also reading Ambient Findability, which quotes Metaphors on page 33 - how weird is that?]

Metaphors We Live By is a philosopical, linguistic book, rather heady & intellectual, but also fairly readable and very enjoyable. Check it out when you get a chance!

Gabe Mounce said...

Cool and cool. I thought it would be funny to add this post. Mainly because I watched idol last night and heard the Candle metaphor and I was like, "What the heck did that mean." I was laughing my head off. He doesn't make a lick of sense sometimes.