23 February 2007

Success Excerpt

Excerpt from The Radical Elements of Radical Success:

The problem with most "success books" is their focus on success. Ultimately, that translates to a focus on the self. Too many books are all about what you can achieve, what you can do and what you can be. They are all about you, an dthat is off by exactly 180 degrees. No wonder most of them are so little help.

How can you make a difference in the world if your eyes are glued inward? How can you do meaningful things if you are your own most meaningful thing? We need to put down the mirror and look out at the world around us.

When you are trying to be a success, the emphasis is on you. When you try to make a difference, the emphasis is on the difference made, and that makes all the difference.


Gabe Mounce said...

And yet that's what makes the Radical Elements so potent. The intent is to help people find meaning and not get caught up in the useless. I perceive that most of us are so beleaguered and feel so harassed by the rest of the world that we shrink inward and close up. It becomes hard for us to step back and see what's important. So we need catalysts, helpers, aides, safe haven-ers to remind us that doing things of worth is.....well worthwhile. And that's why it's important for those with insight to share it so as to pull the rest of us out.

Blaine Collins said...

Hi Dan,

I like your approach alot. It inspired me to add a post on my site, but trackbacks are not working correctly, so here is the link.


All the best!