29 May 2007

Jeffu's Dueling Banjo

I had a very nice weekend at Cape Cod, where I attended a multi-day memorial service for one of Kim's great-uncles (who passed away in January). It was wonderful to spend time getting to know so many members of her extended family.

One of her particularly interesting cousins (second-cousin, I believe) is Jeff "Jeffu" Warmouth, an artist working and teaching in Massachusetts. He currently has an installation titled Spudnik at the DeCordova museum. It "details the history of potato space exploration through photographs, sculptures, and a 6-minute documentary video." It's pretty doggone funny.

I also love the dueling banjo he built (it's an actual, playable instrument). It's best for a left-hander and a right-hander to play together. Mark - any ideas?


Kim said...

Didn't I go to the DeCordova museum with you and Kim?
Neat Banjo. Perfect for a Ward Brothers Banjo Band. :)

Mark said...

Cool! You could make twice the twang!

"The banjo is such a happy instrument--you can't play a sad song on the banjo it always comes out so cheerful.
Doom, dispair, & agony on high...see you just can't do it." --Steve Martin

Steve Sherlock said...

The Cape is a wonderful place to visit and so close.

The banjo is cool. The Flying Karamzov Brothers could use this in their "Trust" skit. I wrote about that once upon a time

Dan said...

Hey Kimmer - yes, we took you to the DeCordova once upon a time. Great place!