08 May 2007

Buying A House

It's been two crazy days running around Dayton. Twenty-two houses later, we've made an offer on a very cool house in a great neighborhood, close to a great school, etc, etc.

And even though it was pretty tiring, I think buying a house in 2 days is a lot easier than taking a week or two (or longer), and the outcome of spending more time wouldn't be noticably better. Come to think of it, writing a novel in 30 days just might be easier than spending a year or longer doing it, and with comparable results.

There's something really magic about a hard deadline, particularly if you're a happy imperfectionistic satisficer like me.


Kim said...

Awesome! I was wondering how your trip was going. I talked to your girls the other night and they cracked me up as usual. :)
Good luck with the rest of your trip!

Deb said...

Congrats on the house ~ how far is it from me??!! :)

Gabe Mounce said...

That's funny...I've just been reading "The Spark" by the Cirque Du Soleil folks and they mention having a dealine spurring creativity. But I think that only works if, like you say, you are happy with imperfection. When you are required to meet a deadline with a bosses idea of perfection as a goal (or the bosses boss...), deadlines suck. I think it depends on who is the final authority for "approving" what you've done and how much rule that person has over your life to force you to meet the goal in a certain way. This kind of deadline stifles creativity.