24 May 2007


My 4 year old daughter Jenna is an early bird, like her dad. This morning at 5:45, I was up working on my books, and I heard a beautiful little froggy voice (she's got a cold at the moment) singing a poignant little song.

She was clearly making up the tune and lyrics as she went, but it went something like "Morning turns into night time, night time turns into morning" - repeated several times, with modulations in the notes, timing, etc each time. Then it became something of a little prayersong "Please make my cold go away, night turns into morning..."

I stood outside her door listening to her sing and pray. She must have heard me, because she opened the door. "Oh, hi Daddy. I have a question. Does God make us get sick and then make us get better?"

It's so amazing to see what's happening in her head. (and if you're wondering, I answered that God can make our colds go away, but He doesn't cause sickness in the first place).

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