18 May 2007

Random-ish Update

I had a great time speaking at the NRO's Tech Forum this week. I was part of a 5-person panel, addressing the topic of Innovation. We each did a 15 minute presentation, then spent about an hour doing a Q&A. Although I was the junior guy on the panel, a surprising number of questions were directed to me. My bit was very well received - definitely a fun time!

I also finished the plot outline for Boomer Sisters #3 (still no title... it'll come). I love the way it all came together, and I can't wait to see the illustrations!

Finally, I've got my Simplicity Cycle book about 95% finished. Now I just need to design the cover, do a few final edits, add a few bits here and there, and then all that will be left is the other 99% of the work involved with doing a book - advertising, marketing, spreading the word, etc...

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Kim said...

That reminds me - I have mural pictures to take!