29 August 2007

Starting School Again

I spent 12 years getting ready to go to college. By the time I got there, I was pretty much at the top of my game, academically speaking.

It's been 13 years since I graduated, and now I'm back in the class room again. Yes, I picked up my first master's degree doing the night school thing - but even that was 7 years ago.

This will be interesting.

I took a "math assessment" test today, trying to demonstrate how much calculus I remember. There were 50 multiple choice questions, worth 2 points each. By the end, there were 5 questions that I knew I definitely got right... so when I found out I got 18 right and my final score was 36, that meant I "guessed real good" on 13 questions.

Most of the material looked familiar - it's things I'm pretty sure I used to know. But there were a few questions on topics I'd never seen before. There were even a couple questions I wouldn't have been able to read out loud (yikes!). Fortunately, we'll spend the month of September doing refresher courses, before the real stuff starts on 1 Oct.

Like I said, this will be interesting.


Deb said...

I always heard "When in doubt, charlie out", on a multiple choice test....and that's what I did in school!! :) Not that it was always right, but that's what I did!! :)

Kim said...

Have you bought new notebooks and pencils and binders and crayons? That's always the best part of going back to school. :) Good luck as you get back into the groove of academia.

Gabe said...

Don't sweat it dude ( I know you won't). I think they try to scare tactic you that first month. I remember working real hard during the refresher courses thinking that it would eventually help me get through the real courses. But...not really. I think the only useful classes were a fourier analysis course and a Matlab course. Eveything else was sort of just a mental exercise at getting you brain going again.

Stacey has volunteered to send you some of her famous crack brownies (and liters of Mountain Dew) which sustained my buddies and I during our terms....there may even be vestages left over somewhere if you look hard enough:)

Mark said...


If the crack brownies don't cut it, you could consider trying the new "Game Fuel" version of Mountain Dew. If it works for Halo 3 gamers, it should work for advanced calculus, right?