27 August 2007

Sam Adams

I'm sitting here enjoying a delicious Samuel Adams Octoberfest brew, after mowing my new lawn for the first time. I mention this because 1) I don't drink beer very often and 2) There's a reason I'm drinking Sam Adams and not some other kind.

Why did I pass over "Rogue Brew" (!), in favor of Sam? Frankly, it's the commercials.

The commercials are honest, informative, human and engaging. They show the actual brewers, and they talk about how and why they make the beer. Why do they use brown bottles for every brew? Why don't they use screw-top caps? And did you notice the carton for holding the bottles is tall? There's a reason for it all - and I learned it in a 30 second spot.

It doesn't hurt that the beer lives up to the ads. It's good stuff...


Mark said...

If I recall correctly, they have every employee brew some beer on their own at home. What a great idea!

Still, I think you would be better off with the Summer Ale, at least for a few more days... :)

Gabe said...

I like Shiner Bock....and Fat Tire real good too!

revolution said...

yea, i've switched over to the octoberfest also. still loving the leinenkugel sunset wheat though. i prefer sam and leinenkugel because they tend to be less expensive than a lot of microbrews.