20 August 2007

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs...

I didn't plan it, but I seem to have taken a series of photos of signs, which I now present for your viewing pleasure:

"Wait for green light?" Um, isn't that always the rule?

Saw this one in a little coffee shop - it made me laugh.

Mmmmmm, warm soda! (Did they really think that sign makes sense?) And what's even funnier, the sign is right above jugs of juice!

Found these three signs in a shop, arranged just like this. They sort of sum up my life philosophy.


Gabe said...

Very cool! I really like the Warm Soda sign!

Kim said...

The coffee shop sign is my favorite! Very funny. :)

dad said...

Hi Dan: the 'simplify' sign is my favorite (along with smile and pray).....one week already in Ohio? Are you a 'buckeye' fan yet? (just got to love those little chocolate morels with the peanut butter middles.... Dad