16 August 2007

Dan is In The House!

I'm officially in my new house, and on "casual status" until 22 Aug. The movers were supposed to be here between 8 and 9, so I got the kiddo's up very early, fed them breakfast and drove here from the hotel... then got a call saying the truck would be here around 10... ugh!

But, it's good practice, because it looks like Beth's bus will pick her up around 7:10 each morning... wow! In NY, she'd still be in bed at that time! Mornings around here will be very different than they used to be. Will be interesting to see how NaNoWriMo goes!

The drive from NY to OH was fine - but don't let me ever do that again, ok? Google said 9.5 hours - which translated into 12 for us, once we added in food and potty breaks. So, we got here at 9pm Monday night, horribly tired and a bit dizzy... The kids were fantastic troopers throughout. We're very, very blessed parents.

Got a tour of AFIT yesterday - I felt like Hermione on her first day at Hogwarts (yes, in Harry Potter, I'd be Hermione). Pardon my geekiness, but I'm SO EXCITED to start classes, even if I probably won't learn the petronus charm. Technical refresher classes begin in Sept, and real class begins 1 Oct. Did I mention that I'm SO EXCITED?

Went to the commissary yesterday - first time in 7+ years we got to do that! Prices were great, but we still managed to spend quite a lot. We're moving some serious coin around these days, between selling and buying a house, eating in restaurants, moving, gas, etc. I'm really looking forward being able to cook again.

And I saw a little girl across the street yesterday, looked to be around the same age as my two... so hopefully we'll be able to swing over and say hello later.

So here I am, with the kids in an empty house - but fortunately we've got an internet connection. Oh, and we went with Vonage for the phone service. I like it so far. Ask me again in a month or so.

And what do I miss the most? Chairs. Definitely chairs. Or really, anything to sit on...


Mark said...

Welcome home!

Deb said...

Welcome to OH! I've missed reading your blog ~ so glad you're back. Will be anxious to hear how it's all getting settled.....

Gabe said...

Very Good! It's great to hear you're getting setup in your house already. Man, you guys sure did make arrangements quick...I bet it's making things a little easier. I'm sure home will definitely be different. And for the drive, I can't believe you went all out in one day. I know most people do when moving between there and NY but we made it a two day trip when we came in from AFIT.

I think you are going to love the school. You'll have access to a ton of books. Check out the sister libraries you'll have free access to. Wright State in particular has a great one. And the free time.....let me tell you that even though the course work and schedule can get intense at times, the first part of school is the best because you have a ton of "Casual Status" days. Plenty of time to spend with the kids, sight see, and get the house in order. I'm very Jealous!

Kim said...

Hey Dan! How is everything settling in? Did Beth enjoy orientation? I wish you lots of fun (and plenty of chairs) as you explore your new surroundings and re-establish life as a student. :)

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